How to Choose the Best Pictures for Your Website

When designing your website it's important to ask yourself, what do people like about a website? The answer lies in the overall design, the information provided and its functionality. But the number one defining feature that will make a user fall in love with a company is the website images. Visual images have always been a powerful means of ... Read More »

5th Mar 2017
The Rubix Website Gets a Reboot

If you are reading this, then you have probably noticed some changes going on with the Rubix website. We have made a lot of advancements lately to bring you the best experience possible. It is now easier than ever to get started with your new website and make any changes. Just log into your account and submit a ticket for whatever you may need. ... Read More »

9th Feb 2017
Chicago Leaders Meeting

The Semi Annual Leaders meeting in Chicago was held at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills Conference Center in late January of 2017. Leaders from across the midwest region came to the Chicago to listen to speakers and learn how to improve their business. Adam and Melinda attended the meeting to take pictures and videos of the event. We were excited to ... Read More »

1st Feb 2017
Logo Design Tips: Keep it Simple

When you start a new business, designing your logo is an important first step in creating your brand’s identity. Your logo should be instantly recognizable. Because your logo is an essential part of your brand, the design process requires thinking, careful planning and artistic input. Don’t let your logo be an afterthought! What makes a great ... Read More »

10th Oct 2016
The Rubix Team Goes to the R&R Retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada

Every year business owners from around the nation gather for the R&R Retreat. This years trip was scheduled to take place in the Dominican Republic but the threat of the Zika virus moved our annual trip to fabulous Las Vegas. The Rubix team packed up their photography and video equipment and ventured to the city.  The Rubix team was tasked ... Read More »

5th Oct 2016
How to Optimize your Linkedin Company Page

Linkedin is quickly becoming one of the most effective social networks to drive quality traffic to your business. Optimizing and maintaining your Linkedin company page has several benefits such as engaging followers of your business, attracting the right kind of job candidates, and increasing your visibility on search engines. Here’s how to ... Read More »

1st Oct 2016
Why You Need Google My Business

Business owners can no longer choose to ignore Google+. Although it is a good idea to be active on several social media networks, your presence on Google+ is crucial to your local search visibility. Considering that Google is the largest and most popular search engine, it is beneficial to use Google My Business because Google promotes its own ... Read More »

20th Sep 2016
Response Email Best Practices:

The key to making sure response emails (await call, directions, etc.) are delivered and able to get around spam and junk filters is to make sure they look as much like normal email correspondence. When typing an email, its typical to just type an email in plain text, sign it and send. No formatting, images, live links, html features (bolding, ... Read More »

12th Sep 2016
Website Launch: Empowered by Health

The Rubix team launched a new website called Empowered by Health for a health coach named Erin. She came to us with a business idea that would help people reach their fitness goals. She had some big ideas about the website and we knew this would be a great project. We built this website on the WordPress platform with a customized design and ... Read More »

5th Sep 2016
Moving to a New Office

In the summer of 2016, the Rubix team moved to a new office. But we didn’t have to move our furniture far because our new office was just across the street. Our old office was being re-purposed as a headquarters for a political campaign. But another issue we had was that the internet would go out literally every day. As a web design company, ... Read More »

23rd Aug 2016